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We specialize in Residential construction. We can build you a new home, fix up the one you have, or add on to it. With 30 years experience, we know the conditions that cause buildings to wear out, and we can identify the problems quickly. We will assess your needs, and help you correct your problem, blending our solutions with your ideas in a way that meets your budget.

We have a Designer who works with all types of buildings, historic to contemporary. He will make your addition fit the style of your house, or, if totally new construction, find a floor plan and home style that fits your family.

Our Foundation man is experienced in homes, driveways, sidewalks, retaining walls, and retrofitting pier and post homes. He understands the stresses on a building as they affect the foundation and he knows how to correct a sagging structure.

We have a Specialty Carpenter for every aspect of construction. Our most knowledgeable finish carpenter is a craftsman and he doesn’t waste time. Our framing carpenters are fast and experienced and work well together as a crew.

The Supervision of all the work is done by the owner of the company who works closely with each crew leader, as well as with you, the home owner, to insure quality communication throughout the job. He is reachable by cell phone any time during the workday to help solve problems. In addition to the employees of Small World Construction, a cohesive and capable group of Subcontractors is available when needed. Over the past 20 years in Humboldt County, we have found a core of reliable and dependable subcontractors who will do our work to the standards which we require, and who show up on time to get it done. Their rates are fair and competitive as well.

When you hire Small World Construction you are guaranteed prompt and personable service, fair pricing, and a product that you will be proud of. We have a list of satisfied customers which we will furnish to you upon request.

Small World Construction

Small World Construction

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