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Completed Projects - A Sampling of Projects Built by Small World Construction since 1986

Year Location Design Designer Owner Project Picture
1986 1150 15th St. Folk Victorian Small World Larry Fine Residence
1987 1190 15th St. Folk Victorian Small World Nita Growth Residence  
1988 1515 J St. Folk Victorian Joyce Plath Neil Watters Residence  
1989 965 A St. Folk Victorian Martha Jain Duncan Burgess Addition
1990 830 Union St. Craftsman Kash Boodjet Small World Residence  
1991 846 Union St. Folk Victorian Kash Boodjet Small World Residence  
1992 812 Union St. Ranch Small World Selma Sonntag Residence  
1993 816 Union St. Contemporary Small World Small World Residence
1994 Terrace Avenue Contemporary Anton/SmW Don Anton Residence  
1995 470 Union St. Eccentric Phillip Lapotre Equinox School Additions  
1996 Trinidad 40's Modern Small World Scott Heller Renovation  
1997 1086 I St. Victorian Small World Scott Heller Restoration
1998 1058 Azalea Contemporary Small World Mike Olinger Remodel  
1999 619 G St. Victorian Keith Sterns Scott Heller Restoration
2000 1085 I St Victorian Keith Sterns Scott Heller Office Building
2001 Villa Way 50's tract Small World Becky Pierce Remodel  
2002 Bayside Modern Van Fleet Unitarian Church Addition  
2003 1362 K St. Victorian Small World Carolyn Lehman Restoration
2004 570 Trinity Contemporary Keith Sterns Scott Heller Residence
2005 1719 J St Transitional Muslin Muslin Residence
2006 560 Park St Craftsman Plath Osborne Residence

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