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History of the Company

Our first new home from the ground up was constructed in 1986, the second house built in the Stewart School Subdivision in Arcata.
Small World Construction
The city of Arcata required the homes in this subdivision to "blend with Arcata's architectural history," though nobody on Design Review could define this precisely.

No problem, however, for Dan, who wanted to do just that: to build a home that stood upon tradition (partially motivated to prove to himself the lasting integrity of classical design.) The model for the home of choice already existed on 5th & G in Arcata. Dan copied its essential features, width and height, and simplicity of detail, and presented his version of this house to the committee. When they questioned his porch design he asked them to walk down the street and look at the original, 3 blocks from City Hall. That got their attention, and swift approval followed.

Small World Construction
Over the next 10 years Small World Construction built several projects in Arcata (click to see list), incorporating many styles. The Victorian at 1086 I St. was a redesign of an existing structure which had been "re-muddled" in the 20's into a pseudo-Craftsman style. The project was entirely successful (including winning an award from Design Review), and started the company on its current specialty of historic renovation.

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