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Small World ConstructionWe specialize in Residential construction. We can build you a new home, fix up the one you have, or add on to it. With 30 years experience, we know the conditions that cause buildings to wear out, and we can identify the problems quickly. We will assess your needs, and help you correct your problem, blending our solutions with your ideas in a way that meets your budget.

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Blending the past with the present in building design, as in life, is an important and worthwhile objective. Old buildings evoke the charm of a former age. The stand for excellence in both design and workmanship. A designer who works with traditional styles has the particular problem of fitting the old with the new, and the new with the old, without prejudice to either period.

Small World ConstructionWhether a project is a new building with an old styling , or an old building which is being renewed, the problem for the designer is the same. To what degree, and where, is it appropriate to incorporate traditional features? To what degree, and where, are contemporary features practical and necessary? When a project is undertaken which consciously blends old and current styles, the designer needs to be sensitive to both periods. Indeed, the art of the traditional designer, the blending of the two periods, requires a standard of excellence peculiar to itself. (for a full discussion click here)

When you hire Small World Construction you are guaranteed prompt and personable service, fair pricing, and a product that you will be proud of.

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