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"We build what you want not what we want"

Typically in a building project a price is agreed upon (called the "bid") which the contractor and the customer tangle over until the project is completed, often with bruised feelings on both sides. The contractor is motivated to spend the least in order to make the most profit, and the customer is motivated to pay the least and get the most for his dollar. What they fight over is the "product," i.e., the house or room addition, or kitchen remodel. Inevitably (or at least frequently) the quality suffers; the "product" ends up being less than either of them wished it to be.

The way to avoid the above antagonistic relationship is to throw out the bid altogether. Instead, the contractor and customer become partners in a mutual project with a budget that realistically “fits” the design. The customer is allowed to offer as much input to the project as is necessary and desirable, and the contractor is seen as the expert who will price and build the project in a professional and timely manner. The structure of this relationship allows maximum flexibility for both customer and contractor, both in the beginning and as the job progresses.The focus is not the money but the project which the money is paying for. The customer gets exactly what the job costs, no more no less. The contractor makes wages and cost of materials, with a modest markup. There are no hidden profits for the contractor, because there are no mysterious "unknowns" which the contractor has to cover for.

It's a relationship based on trust, and Small World Construction is banking on that exclusively. We have a good track record of honest projects which everybody walks away from feeling good about. The customer. The contractor. The carpenters. Even the subcontractors. All of us like what we do. We want YOU, the customer, to like what we do, even while we're doing it. We listen to you. After all,

"We build what you want not what we want"

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